Kenwood - Loading Safety Cameras as POI's


You will require a subscription to access this service:

  • Select ‘Garmin POI Loader’ from the list and then press ‘Continue’
  • Then select ‘UK – Consolidated by type (Gatso etc)’
  • Choose to save the file to your desktop or "My Documents"
  • The downloaded file is a zip file. Right click on it and extract it to the folder that you created earlier – ie ‘Speed Camera Database’ folder.

Transfer to CD-R/RW

  • On your desktop, create a folder called ‘garmin’
  • Then create a folder called ‘poi’ within this garmin folder
  • Run POI Loader
  • Select "Custom Folder (Advanced)" and then click "Next"
  • Then click “Browse” and select the “poi” folder (inside the garmin folder) on your desktop
  • The next page will ask you where you have stored the data files. Click “Browse” and select the new folder that you created earlier called “speed camera database”
  • Then click “Next” and POI Loader will create a file called “Poi.gpi” within the ‘poi’ folder (within the garmin folder) that you created earlier. 

Burn to CD-R/RW

  • Next you need to burn the whole ‘garmin’ folder on to a CD-R/RW.
  • It is necessary to finalise the disc during this process. If you are using ‘Nero’ then uncheck the box called “Allow files to be added later (multisession disc)”
  • For other brands of software it might be necessary to consult the manual or help file packaged with it, to determine how to finalise a disc.
  • You should end up with a CD-R that has garminpoiPoi.gpi

Upload POI's to your Navigation System

  • Select [NAV], then insert disc.
  • Press ‘YES’ when prompted to upload new “Custom POI” files

NB: These instructions suggest the use of third party software and database.Kenwood Electronics UK Ltd does not support, or accept liability for, this software.


More information available at the Kenwood Support Site Here:

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