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ASX Front Brake Discs and Pads Replacement - Caliper Guide Pin Query

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7 months 1 week ago #18427 by sivvy
sivvy created the topic: ASX Front Brake Discs and Pads Replacement - Caliper Guide Pin Query
Hi All,

I've just replaced the front discs & pads on our ASX 1.6 petrol, 6 years & 36k miles. They were probably only about half worn out but the back faces of the discs were quite badly scored with uneven pad wear, so calipers in need of freeing off, don't think I've ever done much since nearly new so hardly surprising. Only cost £80 for Ferodo coated discs and EBC OE Ultimax2 low dust pads, bargain.

Anyway, to the question.
After I'd removed the guide pins from the first brake to release the caliper & pads, I realised that the pins were different and I wasn't sure which one had come from where. One pin has a black plastic bush on the tip, the other has no bush and has flats along the surface. According to an ad for a replacement pair of pins, the one with the bush is 9.5mm dia, the other is 10mm. Fleabay Both pins fit in either hole.

I could see lots of ads and loads of questions about which pin goes at the top or bottom (for many makes of car), so I'm obviously not the first person to make this mistake! Some contributors suggest the bushed one goes on the leading edge, some on the trailing edge - and most agree that it's some kind of anti-squeal technology.

So, not finding a definitive answer I put the bushed one on the trailing edge (bottom position) and reassembled.
Naturally I paid more attention when I disassembled the other side :whistle: , and bu66er me the bushed one was at the top, on the leading edge...
So another visit to the first side to swap the pins over - making the unsafe assumption that they've never been removed from new so the 2nd side 'must' be right...would still like to see it in black & white though.

Since coming in from the cold & rain I've sat and looked at many many pages on t'internet and some cars have the bush at the top, others at the bottom, but nothing whatsoever found specifically for the ASX.

Anybody able to tell me for sure, maybe somebody with a workshop manual?

By the way, must highly recommend the discs and pads (so far, but have only driven a few miles) - absolutely no feeling that you're going to overshoot the first junction you arrive at (not that it matters too much, as it's the wife's car :evil: ) The EBC pads have a special bedding-in coating, also the discs don't come 'greasy' so no cleaning and there's a nice 'rough' chemical finish to wear through to get things bedded in nicely. The coating will hopefully prevent ugly rust on the non-wear surfaces, unlike the old ones that looked like they could have been recovered from a shipwreck, and had rusted solid to the hubs..

Thanks, and sorry for the long post, just glad to exercise my fingers a bit to thaw them out,

ASX3 1.6 Petrol

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