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ASX 1.6 Petrol 2011 with poor low speed driveability

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11 months 1 week ago #18426 by sivvy
Hi All,

Long time member but this is the wife's car and I've been busy finding/fixing faults with my cars, so haven't had cause to post here for some years although I've occasionally looked in. In fact I've lost my rating for all the previous posts it's been so long..?

Anyway I'm writing to see if anybody suffers with the same problem or even better has cured it.

Nowadays the ASX mainly does a short run to & from work, only about a mile each way or a few more if nipping to shops etc. Then the odd 30 mile run every week or so, only amounting to 2500 miles a year these days, not ideal for a car I know but that's the way it is.

Had the car since nearly new, and during warranty I always reported that it 'stuttered' a lot when trying to drive at low speed in crawling traffic. Dealer (naturally) said no fault found, must just be that we don't know how to drive (to paraphrase). They did accept that it wasn't always smooth and initially said they would reprogram the 'small quantity injection learning', but then said the 1.6 had no ability to do this, so that dashed my hopes there!

The car sailed through the 4th MOT yesterday at 37,000 miles and to its credit has only ever had routine services, wipers and one replacement set of tyres the whole time.

The only thing that's bugging us (apart from the notchy gearchange...) is the fact that if you drive in first or sometimes second gear and crawl along in traffic or over sets of speed bumps etc,, it coughs and splutters and refuses to run at a steady (say) 1,500 rpm on a rock steady throttle position. It sometimes gets to the point that you can't keep the throttle steady due to the movement and you get drawn into a learner-style kangaroo down the road -.just a totally unpleasant driving experience.

I've tried several types of injector cleaner, and for the past couple of years have only used BP fuel (non-premium), all to no avail.
I don't drive it often but the other day I also noticed the revs wavering at idle, especially when starting from cold.
Haven't fully checked for air leaks but to be honest I'm not sure how to. Nothing obvious wheezing to my knowledge though..
Other than this the car drives fine and still returns the 35MPG it always has.
Coming up for service (different dealer) so I will mention it to them, but don't want a huge diagnostic bill unless it fixes it..

Any ideas please?


ASX3 1.6 Petrol
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9 months 1 day ago #18437 by frenchguy
Sorry for your troubles Andrew .. but this imposed way of driving kills a gasoline engine, ASX or not. Such an engine is made to run at a minimum speed as often as possible, needs to breathe, to clean up, to force all the fluids in their passages, to eliminate the killer moisture induced by driving under-rev (look at the water out of your exhaust pipe), to eat road! Think about motorbikes ! Personally I don't follow the recommendations of gearshift on the dashboard, I always observe a regime of 2500 rpm minimum, without consuming more. I also do long road trips at high speed that compensate for the rare times I encounter traffic jams. I also try to avoid too short trips, they are not ideal for the engine. In short, the engine remains clean and dry. No cleaning product can replace that. If you must unfortunately continue to make such short trips and suffer from so many traffic jams, consider buying an electric car if you can, it will be perfect for that.

ASX 1.6 petrol in May 2015, customer already pleased by Mitsu in the past

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